May I experience the mercy of God this year

2322 May I Experience The Mercy Of God This Year

Tuesday January 19, 2021/ May I Experience The Mercy Of God This Year/ Minister Bimbo Ajayi


1. Jesus healed a man who had an infirmity for 38 years  and was at the pool of Bethesda
2. The Bible says there was a multitude thereof impotent folk blind withered and they were all waiting and only one person could  be healed in each season when the water was troubled by an angel
 3.That must have been a very desperate situation and a very difficult place to be, surrounded by people whose life circumstances was so difficult due to their physical challenges
4. Yet in a Kairos moment after 38 years of being physically challenged when Jesus saw this man and healed him his life changed dramatically.
5. Archaeology findings suggest that close to the pool of Bethesda there was an Asclepeion which is a pool dedicated to Asclepius who is the Greek god of medicine. So it is quite probable that those waiting at the pool were actually waiting to be healed by the Greek god. Jesus met that man and healed him
6. May we encounter the mercy of God this year and for the rest of our lives.

Key scriptures:

 John 5: 1-16

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