A New Mentality And Mindset For Rehoboth

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 | A New Mentality And Mindset For Rehoboth | Brother Jemiyo Divine Ajayi

Mindset For Rehoboth


Opening Session By Pastor Tim Babatunde We pray for burdens to be removed, let the people of God experience the lightness and liberty of God. I encourage everyone to walk in step with the Holy Spirit and listen to Him intentionally.
Main Session By Brother Jemiyo Divine Ajayi Beloved in 2016, we need to pay attention to the instructions of the Holy Spirit and maximize every God given opportunity. Today, may our eyes be open to see and experience the power of God and may we receive the grace for maximum impact and engagement. In the account of Elisha, King Jehoash and the Moabites, we see that the king did not fully engage the specific instructions of the Prophet. He acted like a living dead, may this not be our story. May we not be a stranger to the purpose and counsel of God, rather may we be familiar, comfortable and responsive to the instructions of God. Pray for the grace to bypass Man made limitations and fully engage the opportunities ago. When we don’t fully utilize the grace of God in dealing with our enemies or weaknesses, we expose ourselves to the dangers of being whipped by them in future. Such was the story of King Jehoash after the death of Elisha, the prophet. Beloved in 2016, let us change our mindset and mentality to get in line with the instructions of the Holy Spirit and the word of God, then we’ll truly experience and enjoy Rehoboth.

2 Kings 13:14-25 14Now Elisha had been suffering from the illness from which he died. Jehoash king of Israel went down to see him and wept over him. “My father! My father!” he cried. “The chariots and horsemen of Israel!”15Elisha said, “Get a bow and some arrows,” and he did so. 16“Take the bow in your hands,” he said to the king of Israel. When he had taken it, Elisha put his hands on the king’s hands.17“Open the east window,” he said, and he opened it. “Shoot!” Elisha said, and he shot. “The Lord’s arrow of victory, the arrow of victory over Aram!” Elisha declared. “You will completely destroy the Arameans at Aphek.”18Then he said, “Take the arrows,” and the king took them. Elisha told him, “Strike the ground.” He struck it three times and stopped. 19The man of God was angry with him and said, “You should have struck the ground five or six times; then you would have defeated Aram and completely destroyed it. But now you will defeat it only three times.”20Elisha died and was buried. Now Moabite raiders used to enter the country every spring. 21Once while some Israelites were burying a man, suddenly they saw a band of raiders; so they threw the man’s body into Elisha’s tomb. When the body touched Elisha’s bones, the man came to life and stood up on his feet. 22Hazael king of Aram oppressed Israel throughout the reign of Jehoahaz. 23But the Lord was gracious to them and had compassion and showed concern for them because of his covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. To this day he has been unwilling to destroy them or banish them from his presence. 24Hazael king of Aram died, and Ben-Hadad his son succeeded him as king. 25Then Jehoash son of Jehoahaz recaptured from Ben-Hadad son of Hazael the towns he had taken in battle from his father Jehoahaz. Three times Jehoash defeated him, and so he recovered the Israelite towns.

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