Commanding The Supernatural: The Rod

Tuesday, July 14 2015 | Commanding The Supernatural: The Rod| Pastor Tim Babatunde

Rod Of The Supernatural
Beloved, be a proclaimer for Jesus and His gospel, also be a witness to others of the things He has done for you. God is calling us to the place of the supernatural, but it works hand in hand with His precious word. God’s word is filled with treasures. As you read the word pray that God may open your eyes to see these treasures. God’s word is the rod that the Holy Spirit uses to stir up the supernatural and the gifts of God in us. The stirring distributes the sweetness of God’s word in our lives and drives out hopelessness and depression.

As we pray this prayer of enlightenment, the veil covering our understanding and the seal holding the words of life are broken. Make this prayer a constant in your life, Apostle Paul prayed this prayer: ” The eyes of our understanding be enlightened”

As you hear and understand God’s word, it becomes a rod for the supernatural, as you are inspired and obey the word, it becomes a rod stirring up more word and sweetness in you. Keep on engaging and doing the word and watch the supernatural become a norm in your life.


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