Manifestation Of The Sons Of God

Tuesday, July 19 2016 | Manifestation Of The Sons Of God 2 | Pastor Yinka Oderinde

Opening Session By Pastor Tim:

1. Thank God for the privilege of knowing and drawing close to Him.
2. Select and pray for the advancement and peace of someone close to you.
3. As you seek the purpose of God, you cannot but advance.



Jesus was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil, likewise, each of us was created to manifest the works of God.

Each of us is unique in our own way and our calling is revealed by the things we love, the things we hate, the things we are uncomfortable about,  the things people complement us about that we do effortlessly.

We need to stop trying to be like others and discover who God has made us to be. We need to discover, develop and engage this gift. When we do, we will bless others as they bless us with theirs and our gift makes room for us as theirs makes room for them.

This is the system and method of God, He blesses us to be a blessing and as we bless them, we get blessed in return.
May we discover who we are in Christ and the graces and gifts in us. May we glorify God as we discover our unique signature on earth.

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