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2350 Praying Like Jesus

Friday February 26, 2021/ Praying Like Jesus/ Pastor Tim Babatunde Summary: 1. Praying  for the will of God to be done 2. Praying with great intent 3. Praying and worshipping  the father Key scriptures: Luke  11: 1-4, Luke 9:28-37 Listen to Prayer Archives 24/7 at: http://earlymorningshowers.com/prayer-archives.shtml Join us for live prayer sessions: Monday to Friday […]

2349 Fear Not, Your Future Is Secured In God

Thursday, February 25, 2021| Fear Not, Your Future Is Secured In God | Minister Lukman Latona  SUMMARY:   God is the controller of times and seasons, David was humble to acknowledge that his tomorrow was in the hand of God. So must everyone that wants to fulfill a glorious future. God is the author and the finisher of our faith. He has […]

2348 Enlisting In The Art Of Intercession

Wednesday February 24, 2021/ Enlisting In The Art Of Intercession/ Pastor Tim Babatunde Summary: 1. Jesus was led by the spirit, his first initiation into the world of prayer. It was in abundance and without distraction. 2. We too must be baptized into this and must be practiced not just spoken about. 3. Prayer must […]

2346 The Art Of Intercession

Monday 22nd February 2021| The Art Of Intercession | Pastor Tim Babatunde  SUMMARY:   Abraham by practice took his matters to God to establish the purpose of God. When Isaac was going to find a wife Abraham took it on himself to pray and assigned his servant a type of the spirit of God sent to help to seek out the […]

2345 Lessons From The Life Of The Disciples Of Jesus.

Friday, February 19, 2021| Lessons from the life of the Disciples of Jesus.| Minister Foluke Babatunde  SUMMARY:   Jesus emphatically reassured his disciples that not only will they do the work that he did, they will do greater work. The disciples believe the words of Jesus, they engaged in consistent prayer, they were categorized as unschooled uneducated men, but they looked beyond themselves, […]

2344 WAIT.

Thursday, February 18, 2021| WAIT. | Minister Racheal Odunjo  SUMMARY:  Waiting is one of the hardest things to do because without immediate results, it is easy to give up. The testimony of David was that of a person who had been through thick and thin, however, all through it, he was patient, trusting God to bring him out it. The […]

2343 Healed Hearts And Fulfilled Desires

Wednesday February 17, 2021/ Healed Hearts And Fulfilled Desires/ Pastor Fola Babatunde Summary: Healed Hearts The emotional well-being of God’s children comes as the 2nd on the Ministry agenda of Jesus. It comes right after salvation. God wants His people healed, for they do well or prosper in other areas as much their soul is […]

2342 Giving Birth To Nations

Tuesday February 16, 2021/Giving Birth To Nations/ Pastor Tim Babatunde Summary: 1. We have the mind of Christ which means we can think like him we can access new things.Things on a global scale, things that will astound minds. 2. God gives ideas to those that will ask him and will believe him for those […]

2341 Birth Your Idea In Me Lord.

Monday, February 15, 2021|Birth Your Idea In Me Lord!| Pastor Tim Babatunde  SUMMARY:  1. Birth in me spiritual children. Galatians 4:19  2. Ask for Big things. Psalm 2 Key Scriptures: James 1:17, Psalm 85:12 Listen to Prayer Archives 24/7 at: http://earlymorningshowers.com/prayer-archives.shtml Join us for live prayer sessions: Monday to Friday Time: 6:00 – 6:45am (EST) Phone Number: 215-383-1625 Pin:623159 Live Stream: http://earlymorningshowers.com/ems-live-tv.shtml