My testimony is that, the God of wonders delivered me from a charge that the devil wants to use to shame and dishonor me.  God defended me and provided a way out for me to the shame of the devil and all my enemies, the case was dismissed! Praise be to God and thank God for Pastor Tim and this prayer ministry.
Ronke O | Colwyn, PA| January 1, 2014

Praise the Lord. …I’m grateful to God for the EMS …last week the man of said God will reveal stuff to us and during that week I was trusting God because since my divorce I’ve been trying to everything in my power to get my degree and buy a house for my daughter and I. Everything including the hopes of remarrying.  God revealed some impediments in my path. Praise the Lord and thanks be to God!
Edna M| Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | December 2, 2013


I have been tremendously blessed by EMS. Many times the scripture passages Pastor mentions have been such a blessing to me, they were just what I needed and so relevant to my life. God Richly bless you Pastor for your faithfulness to God.

AA| September 12, 2013


I just want to thank God continuously. ..this week during our revival at Church (Christ Temple) I have been bringing my God children to the services…after all that is what is required of me.
Pastor Mensah was praying for youth 16 to 17 years and by the word of knowledge, he was calling young people up to the altar and Malik happened to be one of  them that he called. Apostle prayed  against gun shots coming near  him….Thank you Father. He also  told him to stay focused on God and not to leave the things of God. He  told him to have a single eye.  So  that night on the way home I asked  Malik about the experience. ..he  was quiet for a moment.  Then he smiled a big smile and said that  during that moment when Apostle  called him up, he was thinking to  himself that he would believe if  Apostle Alex called him out for prayer.
He said he was trembling when he was up there and I will attest to  that. I told him it was “the Holy  Spirit” He now believes that God is  what He says He is and He will do what He says He will do.
I then asked him, didn’t God say that young men would dream dreams and see visions? He said yes and asked if I would be picking him up from work for the rest of the week so he could attend services. Of course,  I said, “of course!”
Praise God!
Edna Baker| Philadelphia, PA| August 1, 2013

I’ll turn 42 on 8/4/13  and I just want to thank God for His grace , His mercy and His faithfulness towards me. I remember about two years ago we were praying at CTWOC against sickness of any sort, even the common cold. Well I’m not naturally the bold but after those prayers I seemed to be testing God. Usually around January/February I would come up with a cold and I mean a serious flu like cold that would effect my sinuses terribly. But I can attest that I have not had even as much as the sniffles unless I’m peeling an onion. The devil has tried but God is prevailing. Thank you Father for your mercy,  grace and faithfulness.
Edna Baker| Philadelphia, PA| August 1, 2013

A wonderful God he REALLY is to me!
I attended a Tech school as a Dental student, and in order for me to get a job in the dental profession as a dental assistant I need my Radiology certificate which I had to take a test for. So I was appointed to take the test on Saturday 29th of June, 2013. On that morning, I woke up early and I just had the strong feeling that this day was going to be a VERY PECULIAR day, I was going to have struggles but I must keep pressing on. So I got on the bus and tried to study for this test which I didn’t even study for AT ALL, on getting to my destination, my little sister’s shoe broke and we had to rush to a store to buy her new shoes, we got the shoes by 10.40 a.m. and my test was starting at 10:45, I ran to the center from the store and felt some relief, however the exam proctor informed that I had an invalid Identification, she required a green card, or a state ID card, and I got really confused because I knew  the things I brought were what were in the requirements. so I walked out, called my older sister, she did not want me to leave the exam venue  and she told me to go back in and ask more questions.  The exam proctor offered to loan me the transportation fare and an extension till 6:00pm, my elder who waited around for me, volunteered to go home to get the required documents for me so I could stay prepared for my exam. I was finally approved to the exam when my sister came back with the required document, before taking the exam I had a prayer moment in the bathroom because I was just TIRED and relinquished everything to God. I was able to return the transport loan to he proctor and managed to take my exam, because at the back of my mind I knew the obstacles were there for me to overcome.  I barely knew what I was doing during the exam but GOD TOOK ABSOLUTE CONTROL! At some point, I just started clicking the answers nonchalantly because I knew that God was the one in control not me. At the end of the Computer Based Test, the lady proctor handed me the folded letter, while at the locker room, I saw PASS through the paper and I wasn’t sure of what I was seeing, so I opened it up and it saw the words CONGRATULATIONS! you’ve pass the RHS DANB test. I seriously almost LOST CONTROL OF MYSELF! I could NOT believe it AT ALL! even now I can’t believe it! I began to roll on the floor, screaming, thanking God, going crazy! The woman there said ” He always comes through for his own, just keep pressing on” and I was just in awe. She got out from behind the desk and walked me to the hallway and told me that she knew that I would pass, and that she knew God was trying to show himself to me and that she knew something great was going to come from all the issues that was going on from the start of the day and that was the reason why she was making me sit down, and giving me money to go home and do all I could to take the test. Then I realized that it was as if God sent this woman for this specific purpose and it reminded me of Hebrews 13:2 and I was just in great awe of how great our God is. I still cant believe that I passed, its a wonder to me. GOD IS SERIOUSLY AWESOME. KEEP PRESSING ON BECAUSE HE IS READY TO BLESS YOU!

Oyin B|Darby, PA | July 3, 2013


This early morning prayer line has seriously changed the way I thought of prayer and also the way I pray.
Lately on the prayer line Pastor Alex Mensah has been saying things about jobs, he would mention that someone wants a job or things of that nature and I would always receive the prayers because not too long ago I applied at a store and went for an interview, got hired but I still had to go through some processes and every time I would call to check on things, either the manager doesn’t pick up, or I would get the same unwanted responses until I got tired of calling. A couple of days ago after or joint prayer and fasting on the EMS prayer line, I decided to take a definite action based on the confidence I had concerning my hearts desire. This time around, the manager picked up when I called, he went on to explain that there had been some misunderstanding and promised that my designated trainer would call me, within 20 minutes the call came as promised and I was given a definite training schedule. More miraculous things happened on that same day. I just want to thank God for restoring to me what was almost lost, without God’s intervention, I don’t know what would have happened. The job that was mine would have probably be handed to someone else and I would have still been waiting for a call that would never come. I give ALL the glory to God because he is TRULY awesome!
Oyin B|Darby, PA | June 19, 2013



First and foremost GOD IS GREAT!
God worked many WONDERS in my life this school year.
Towards the end of the school year I began to ask God to do something miraculous and shocking!  And everyday, I hear him telling me “I will surprise you” and I didn’t understand what he meant by that.  At the end of the school year my grades were fluctuating and I really wanted ALL A’s for my 4th quarter and final end of year grade. At the time, I had low B’s in Math and Chemistry, so during my finals I worked towards exceling with flying colors but Iended up geting an A on the chem test and a low B on my math and these two scores didn’t really bring my grade up, so i was really angry because I REALLY wanted all A’s but I still had this assurance within me that things would change. I have to confess that I was still a little shaky because school was practically over and no other assignments would go in.  A week later my report card came but I refused to open it as I usually did  because I already knew what was in it: A’s and 2 B  then my dad came home and i saw it opened so something just told me to look at the report card…. when i opened it BAM! ALL A’S !! i was SO shocked! and not only did i get all A’s, but my math teacher that usually never writes anything on my report card commented: “Perseveres in face of difficulties” I could NOT believe it! I don’t know or understand how God did it but HE DID!
God is truly GREAT! This taught me to NEVER doubt his powers!

Oyin B (Darby PA), June 2013

On Friday January 18, 2013. I left home to go to work. Just before I could leave home, I had a routine of praying before I leave home. So, I began to pray in the spirit. Just then I heard the spirit of the Lord asking me to go check through the laundry that I had sorted earlier in the day. It didn’t make any sense to me at the time, but I did just that. I went through the laundry and put them back. This took just about two or three minutes. I finished praying and seeking the protection of the Lord over my family and home and left for work at 10pm. On the I95 just as I was about to enter into Philadelphia, a truck had collided and spilled chemicals all across the streets and even into the southbound lane. I had just missed this accident by two or three minutes. We could not proceed as the cars in front had stopped and traffic was mounting rapidly. I wanted to call my job immediately and tell them that I was going to be late, but then the Lo rd spoke to me again. He said to wait. I did. The police came very quickly and asked the first few cars that were caught in the immediate corner of this accident to leave before they can safely secure the incident area. I was in the the first few cars that was allowed to go. I was so thankful and was praising God as I left the scene. Then the Lord whispered into my spirit, that I had come into an EXCEPTIONAL STATE. That I was going to received exceptional favor this year, that many doors that don’t usually open will be opened for me exceptionally. He said to share this with the people of CHRIST TEMPLE and tell them that they have entered into their season of EXCEPTIONAL FAVOR. That his works will be QUICK and that he has started something exceptional among us and that we should be in EXPECTATION. Glory be to God. Jessie A


I’m amazed by your glory, embraced by your mercy, oh Lord I live to worship you!
God performs his acts with speed. Yesterday, the second night of the Miracle meeting at Christ Temple with Bishop Kun Kun, we were asked to come up, not to sow a seed but to make a covenant with God and seal it with a sacrifice. Normally I would be one of the first ones up but I hesitated because I just could not see where that sacrifice seed would come from. I got up eventually because I did not want to miss the appointed blessings that God had in store for me. While standing I thought about the due date of a certain bill and my sacrificial pledge. Would i fulfill it with this paycheck or the next? I kept standing in faith, earlier in the service I received a text from my old boss saying she wanted to see me. I was not sure what she wanted but I let her know I would come. Then I started thanking God for a new job offer. I get to her office late, due to traffic, waited for a couple of minutes and when I saw her, we hugged and chit chatted, then she told me that she had a check for me. I will not go into details to put her business out there but this was nothing short of a miracle that I may See. …I had received the seed for my sacrifice. Trust me I could use every cent of it for other things, but I knew better and used it fulfill my sacrifice. (Open my eyes. ..that I may see!!)-
Edna V
  (December 14,2012)

“Standing Out” because of God’s goodness

I just want to thank God for everything that has been happening to me lately. There is so much things that has been occuring in my life that giving a testimony in front of people would take forever.  I thank God for the early morning prayers because it seriously uplifts me every single morning. It helps me realize that my walk in Christ is not in vain and that in life you can’t quit on every single issue that occurs.
Well, God has been great to me. I go to 2 schools, a regular high school & I also  go to school for dental assisting. Before I started the dental class I was a little scared that I might not understand things or I might fail but glory be to God EVERY TIME I take a test I always come out on top, everything comes so easily to me and I know it is not by my power but God’s. Every morning Pastor always says something that always gets me hypes he says ” STAND OUT ” God has been allowing me to stand out. Teaching me to be watchful of the way I speak, listening before I speak,  watchful of my surrounding. He took away fear from my life. God has been doing sooo much that I don’t even know who to tell. Things I don’t expect just continue to happen. Sometimes I look at my life and I just complain and say why God, why me but then I remember that God is God. He doesn’t put you in something that he can’t bring you out of.  He is giving me sight. I don’t know who might be reading this but remember even when ALL things around you seems to be terrible or falling apart, God is STILL GOD & HE IS STILL GOOD. DON’T you dare give up.  As you read this I pray that the blessings and favor of God shall begin to pour upon your life. Stay Blessed!
Oyin B (December 2012)



Good Job EMS!
I just want to encourage Pastor Tim and the administrator of EMS for the great work that just started! God would continue to stregthen you and blossom the prayer line. Congatulations on the testimonies and great job

“Somebody is Receiving Good News…..”
My husband and I have been believing God for a specific thing for the past fourteen months. On Monday’s morning shower the pastor said somebody is receiving a good news. By Tuesday evening a call came to confirm what pastor said and by Wednesday afternoon the package was right at my door. In 48 hrs there was a turn around.I give God all the glory. Sometime Last week immediately after the prayers on the morning shower I saw a lot of things being evicted from my house. God is at work on this prayer line everyday.
Foluke B (East Norriton, PA)

Traffic Fine Demoted to Warning with Refund!
I received a refund with apology from PPA (Parking Authority) for the automated red light camera violation. I paid for this violation in April and the authority reduced the fine to warning with full apology for the inconvenience that the situation caused me
Glory be to the Lord, God is using the Early Morning Showers for my daily up keep.
Gbenga O (Colwyn, PA)

Disappearance of lung mass and A 20 years threat of cancer!
My story starts over twenty years ago during my first summer at college. I was given a diagnosis that in twenty years I would most likely have cancer and not survive. Well, at the time I was not born again but I did know God and I knew he knew me. So I said to Him, “I don’t know what this means, but I give it to you and I know you will work it out for me.” I believed that at the time, because He was always working things out for me for as long as I could remember.
Push forward to twenty two (22) years later. I went for a physical for requirements for a new job. During the physical I needed to have a chest x-ray to rule out TB. That was done 7/17/12. On 7/18/12, I received a call from Hahneman hospital saying I needed to come in to go over results. Not what I wanted to hear. I went in and the doctor shows me the report which said, no evidence of TB, but, “there is a 2.8 ovoid mass like opacity overlying the cephalad portion if the aortic arch”. Meaning they saw a mass near my lungs, God forbid!
After seeing the doctor, I said to God: “What is this report I hear? We have been praying consistently against cancer at Christ Temple in the past few months. Lord, wow can this be? I gave this to you years ago so why is this coming up?” Anyway, I called one other person then I was quiet for the rest of the day. I had already given this to God 22 years ago.
After the mid week service I went to Pastor Tim and began telling him. He did not let me finish telling him the whole report. He just smiled and said “it’s a blank bullet and I had to agree. He prayed with me along with another member and I could feel myself taking deep breaths as if God was saying, breathe, it’s done. All I
could say was thank you Lord. I went for a cat scan on 7/24/12 as a follow up to the x-ray. On 7/31/12 I met with a different doctor for her findings. This is what the true report said. The lungs are otherwise clear without focal consolidations, pleural effusions or pneumothoraces. No pulmonary nodules or masses are identified.
Glory be to God
Thank you Father
Edna B (Philadelphia, PA)

Increase in Spiritual Lifting And Sensitivity
I am so encouraged by the prayers on EMS. It has lifted my prayer life tremendously. I can see more clearly the hand of the Lord in my Life and the messages he is sending my way to keep me out of harm. In the month of July the Lord kept showing me signs of rainbow in the skies when none else could see them. On some ocassions, it was a bright sunny day when the Lord will show me this signs of rainbow. I asked him what it meant, and he took me to the story of Noah. He said I will have peace. Glory be to God.
-Jessie A (DE)

Wake Up Call
By God’s grace Early Morning Showers is a wake up call for my spirit, it helps me throughout my day, because after each session it relinquishes the control of my day to God.
Gbenga. O (PA)

Leads Me To The Everlasting Waters
Just as the deer pants for water do does my soul pant for the Lord. The early morning shower leads me daily to the source of the Everlasting Living Waters.
Peter D (DE)

Increased Spiritual Appetite
The morning showers has improved my prayer life and increased my appetite to serve God the more. I always look forward  every morning to join the prayer line as it gives me the boost for the day and makes my day go well, thanks.
-A.Pitan (PA)

I “recovered” indeed
I thank God for this prayer line. I lost my drivers license earlier this year and I didn’t have any other form of identification. If I wanted to go to the bank to make withdraws, I couldn’t. When I checked my state identity requirements for a replacement, I couldn’t meet them. I had no help from any where but God. One morning I got online and heard Pastor say we will recover everything we have lost. He gave the illustration of the situation when David had lost his belongings including his family and he went with his men and recovered all. That week I believed God, went into serious worship and praise the Lord, I recovered it. Hallelujah
-O.K (DE)