looking unto God

2334 Looking Unto God.

Thursday February 4, 2021/Looking Unto God/ Minister Lukeman Latona


Why must we always look only unto God for our Help?
1. We must always look unto God because our genuine help comes only from God
Psalm 121: 1-4
To look away from God is to die helpless
2. We look up to God because our future is with Him
Jeremiah 29: 11-14
3. We must look unto God because your direction is with God
Job 23:10
4. We look up to God because our provision is with God
Psalm 23: 1-5
5. We look up to god because our honor and dignity is with God
Psalm 8: 4-5
6. We look unto God because our eventual eternity is with God
Why Looking unto God, we are supposed to look away from the following
1.Look away from self
2.Look away from Man
3. Looking away from alternatives to God
4. Look away from your current environment
5. Don’t look back to the past
6. Don’t look down
Key scriptures:

Matt 14:22-32

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