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2444 Take Account.

Wednesday July 14, 2021/Take Account/ Sis. Ore Odunjo

1. I want to charge us today to slow down for a second and take account of our lives. Take account of our year so far. What do we want to achieve, what did we want to change, what can you do more of. What can you do less of?
2. Many of us have bank accounts, and I must say, my favorite and sometimes least favorite part of a bank account is the “account details”. 3. 3. This is where you can see what’s pending, what money has gone out, and what money has come in.
4. You can look at the balance all day and say I had $100 dollars and now I have $50 but until you look at the account details and take account you might not understand how you got there.
5. Take account of your life, take account of where you want to be and how you can get there. Take account what is holding you back.
We can look at ourselves and say I haven’t done this because I just don’t have time and I just don’t have resources and I just don’t have this and we make these excuses but what is it really. Take account.
6. There can be an array of things holding us back but if we take account and look within and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal we might see the truth. You can say oh I don’t have the money then you have the money and it’s then I don’t have time, I don’t have investors, etc…
7. For some of us, guilt and shame are holding us back. And the enemy is so evil because it is the same thing that he pushed you into that he is now condemning you for. You can’t win with him
8. For some of us it might be fear of what people might say. Some of us God is telling us to do something and we are like oh no Lord, I am not worthy. This self-righteous I am not worthy… when God is saying you have been made worthy through my son and you are running. Running from the thing you need most. Running from the will of God for your life.
9.  For some of you some people might say, is this not the girl/guy I used to gossip with? Is this not the same one that used to lie? Is this not the same person I used to drink with? Or club with? Forget them. Eventually, they will see that they are serious.
10. For some, it might be what someone said. Something they don’t even remember they said and now it has a hold on you
For somewhat might be holding us back in comparison. You might be looking at yourself now and saying by this point I was supposed to be here but look at me not even close and the enemy will just use that against you. Raise up guilt, regret, and shame in your soul. My peers are here. People my age have done this. What do people say “look at your mates”.
11. Take account! What is the real reason? Sphere a goal that you have written down for years and not met. Ask yourself why. Even anything else if it’s not working, discuss with the Holy Spirit. Maybe you need to scrap it and make a new plan
12. Lastly I want to discuss your spiritual bank. Take account
Your relationship with God is the source of everything else that we discussed above. So take account of your heart. No one on this line knows you as you know you. Look within yourself and ask God to help you and he will!.
People will remember you for your love. and that love will breed a true legacy for you.

Key Scriptures: “Will be provided later”

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